A NOTE ABOUT....going grey

We fell in love with grey long ago and the affair shows no sign of slowing down.  It was love at first sight when we saw Farrow and Ball's Elephant breath and not only were smitten with the name but how it felt like a big deal to paint our walls grey, instead of the obligatory white.  Falling asleep in my Elephants breath bedroom was pure delight, and even the half light coming into that basement window couldn't dampen my spirits.

We then discovered that everyone we knew had an Elephants breath bedroom and that our passion wasn't as mutually exclusive as we'd hoped.  Time to move house and move on...so we did and we opened our minds to other shades.  We painted our living room mid grey and the bay window wall a darker shade, uncommitted as we were to painting an entire room in a dark colour. The mid grey tones work wonderfully with our marble fireplace and white shelves and mid century wood colours.

So if you are late to the grey party thats ok, feast your eyes on our round up of inspiration. 

Love the dusty pink hues here mixed with grey fabrics and the pale grey wall. The warm wood colours from the side table and the copper accessory adds balance and warmth.

To take the impact up a notch, paint your woodwork either the same shade or a few shades darker.  Take care not to use tones which don't work together..greys tend to be shades of other colours, like pinks, purples, greens or yellows so ensure that you keep to whichever tone you're going with. 

These dark grey walls are stylish but create depth and atmosphere. Again, the warm wood shades sit beautifully alongside these deep stormy shades.  When painting your walls with dark shades like this, we would stick to white on the ceiling and woodwork to ensure the dark shades don't overwhelm.

If you're done with true greys then look to shades which edge towards teal, navys and Ive even found myself admiring deep khaki tones. 

Remember to think of grey as a neutral, not a colour. That way you can think about the accentuating colours to create warmth and life. 

Images collated from pinterest. 


January 22, 2016 by Nuala Sharkey
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