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As if there wasnt enough to do with having 2 kids, 1 cat and 1 goldfish AND starting a new online store, I have also decided to do a blog.  I thought it would be a good idea to document my days of starting the business and how it evolves and also talk about the things that interest me.  I live in Hackney, in the centre of London. Its noisy and vibrant, it rarely sleeps and its sometimes smelly but its exciting and theres never a dull moment(all sounds like me and my family).

So my background is that I have been a menswear and kidswear fashion buyer for the last 14 years of my life. Its provided me with amazing opportunties to see the world, shopping trips to places like LA, New York and Amsterdam, and far off manufacturing hubs like Mauritius and China. I loved the travelling and the chance it gave me to experience new cultures and see beautiful things, and I always used the opportunity to come back with bits and pieces I had picked up there, something for myself or a loved one, or something for the home. 

After having my second son in 2014 I decided that I needed to finally do something on my own, having thought about it for eons. While a career in fashion might have naturally led me to a fashion store, I decided to do something different.  This was prompted by a trip my husband and I took in September last year to Stockholm as a special getaway without the kids. We had an amazing time, Stockholm is a beautiful city and it felt like our pre-kid life. But we spent the entire time browsing home stores. And then I realised that any time we went anywhere we spent the entire time browsing homewares, whether new or vintage. And so I realised that that was a passion worth pursuing and so Lo and behold was born.

My aim was to create a shop to sell products which I loved, from Scandinavia and beyond. Im especially drawn to the quirky side of design and love print and colour so the new Scandi brands are particularly exciting for me. I like modern pieces, but my own style is that I like to mix them up with vintage finds, especially mid century modern. I love browsing flea markets for hidden treasure but equally I love spangly new shiny stores where everything looks pristine. Our product is perfect for adding quirkiness and colour into your home and we like to think creates a happy home.

Its been an amazing 3 months since I started working on the store, lots of highs and lots of lows.  My husband has been especially supportive and patient with me and I'll need more of this over the coming months as the business grows and evolves.  We've just launched but really the journey is only beginning and we have a mountain to climb to turn this idea into a success.

I will post from time to time with product I love or just to update you on things we're doing and things we like.  If you would like to contact me please get in touch at hello@loandbeholdstore.com.

 Nuala x

April 04, 2015 by Nuala Sharkey
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