We're hooked on Scandinavian style in the UK and whether you think you have embraced it already,  it's probably found its way into your home. Scandinavian style has many styles within it but all styles are built on a calming, understated aesthetic where natural materials, craftsmanship and functionality are key. So whether you want to go minimal or eclectic there is a version of this style for you. We love the eclectic look, blending mid-century style with rustic industrial and natural elements. Its simplicity means that you can easily incorporate other trends like the global or retro plant trends which are popular this season

If you're still unsure what its all about, then as always we've made it easy for you by breaking it down into these key elements:

1. GO WHITE The cornerstone of Scandinavian style is a white wall.. Whether this is due to the longer hours of darkness in Scandinavia or their love of simplicity,  white walls are ideal to maximise on the light within a room and create the foundation for this clean, minimal style.  If, like me and are addicted to grey then paint a single wall in earthly tones like greys, greens and navys which will give a bolder look.(see our previous blog post on greys for more inspiration)


Scandinavia and the outdoors are intrinsically linked and this feeds into the furniture, fixtures and accessories.  Wooden floors, in paler wood shades ( or indeed white or white washed), with industrial, rustic furniture creates a relaxed style. 

Vintage furniture in natural wood can be mixed with mid-century pieces to create an eclectic look.

Leather and sheepskin add layers of tone and texture and an all important cosiness

Accessorise with wicker and rattan furniture, storage and lighting.


Black accessories contrast beautifully with the white base and the natural texture of the wood, but also create a dramatic, graphic edge to Scandinavian homes.

Black photo frames, graphics photos or prints on picture walls make a bold statement.  

Black chairs look fabulous against a rustic wooden table. We especially love the wishbone style with the nod to art nouveau organic lines.



Geometrics have been around for a while now and stem from the 1950s original graphic patterns but Scandinavian style has modernised these and given them a fresh look. Black and white geometrics make an especially strong combination and again add a great graphic edge to a room when used to accessorize.


Whether your pieces are vintage or modern, there's a trend for mid-century style around with regular shows like MidCentury Modern  and shops like The Peanut vendor In East London. Mid century style is known for its pared down contemporary forms and natural aesthetic. Mid century's best known designers include a plethora of Danish designers such as Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner. With its clean, minimal, retro forms, this style works wonderfully with the Scandinavian palette and the desire for purist form and natural materials.


Nuala x 

May 13, 2016 by Nuala Sharkey
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